Candy Candy
one day
candies, table, three messages, sheets of paper, coloured pen

People are invited to have a candy, where inside there is one of this message (Make a draw of yourself - Tell me your memories of art - In which way do you express yourself?).
The public can answer only by drawing what they feel like.
Throught this process, with the partecipation of the people, I developed an emotional map of the day.
This artwork was possible with the support of the 12-14 contemporary, in Vienna.

Oficina Macaron

handmade pasta
farina, eggs, hands

After the dinner, guests and people of the Island ask me to teach them how to make the dishes of the dinner, handmade pasta. So I listten their request and I made a workshop on it. This action was a way to involved the community in the process of doing contemporary art.

© CristinaCalderoni